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"I came to know about Dr.Prasanth S. P. from my friend Arjun. I had a very pleasant experience at his clinic. He patiently attended me and explained all the pros and cons of the procedure. The staff and overall atmosphere in the clinic was very welcoming. I would highly recommend Dr.Prasanth S. P. for all your dental worries !!!"

Big Data Analytics Consultant, Australia

Bibin Nahas

"I am working in software industry in a client facing role. My career was beginning to take a slight hit with my lack of confidence owing to that awkward gap that I had in my lower teeth. Am 31 now. So why didn't I correct it before? The obvious reasons! Anything with teeth is painful, costly and above all, its hard to find the best in the field. I came to know of Dr Prasanth SP from my brother, who is also a doctor in TVM Medical College. Dr. Prasanth SP is an all in one package! I started using clear aligners and started seeing results already. He makes me actually want to NOT miss any appointments. His expertise is evident from how smooth and easy he makes each sitting for me. He is very reasonable on the pricing as well. But above all, it's his and the clinic's service that impressed us the most. I would recommend him any time! A Happy Customer!"

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Mrs Rehna Jayakrishnan

"I was very much worried about my smile as my greatest concern was the use of braces at my age. But Dr Prasanth SP reassured me that Orthodontic treatment is possible in adults also. I never thought that I would smile so confidently again,all thanks to Dr Prasanth SP. He kept his word and made this possible. A Zirconium bridge was also fabricated from his cinic which looks very much natural like my own teeth."


Dr. Richard Jose

I met Dr.Prasanth when I was concerned about gap between teeth.He corrected it aesthetically with lingual braces.As an orthopedician,i could analyze his professional skill and expertise.I highly recommend his clinic for those who need any dental correction.

Chairman, GBR GROUP LTD, London, UK

Sujith PN

Dr Prasanth is an excellent dentist who specialises in orthodontics. He took the time to explain every procedure he was doing. For example, when I got my teeth whitened, Dr Prasanth was very supportive and comprehensive when explaining the process. He is a professional and has a naturally lovely personality.

I would recommend Dr Prasanth to everyone. He is one of the best dentists I have ever had.

MSc Data Science student, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Arsha Ravichandrakumar

My smile had affected my confidence while I was pursuing my Bachelors. My teeth were out of alignment and with the help of Dr. Prasanth I had it corrected. The changes that happened to my face before and after wearing the braces were remarkable and of course it plays a good role in the confidence I am having now!!! I am really happy that I went to Doctor Prasanth and I would happily suggest him to anyone having dental problems.

Btech Student

Ananya Rajeev

Last year when i realised my 4yrs of ortho treatment went wrong and I had a severe midline shift, my orthodontist simply told me that they couldn't do anything more.
At this point I was referred to Dr. Prasanth who had consoled me and assured the correction. He was so confident and professional that my treatment was completed before my joining date to college.
The result was unexpected for me but Dr Prasanth's professional knowledge and experience has put my mind at ease.
Thank you doctor

Sr. UI/UX Designer. Technopark, Trivandum.

Syamlal S

Being extremely petrified of dental treatments, I was so worried on whether to get my tooth aligned or not. Before reaching the Dr. I had consulted other clinics where every one insist for removing the teeth to get it aligned in addition to long duration of treatment. One of my friend recommended visiting Dr. Prasanth. Dr. explained things so clear and with atmost care keeping in mind my fears. He ensured clarifying my doubts and making me comfortable at every point, as well as explained the treatment plan in detail to me. He was also very patient, and the clinic provide such a nice hospitality. And finally I was so happy that I got my tooth aligned as desired in such a short time. I highly recommend him.

2nd Yr MBBS Student, GMC Kollam

Anandu C

I approached Dr Prasanth when I was studying in 9th Standard...... My teeth were very much disordered then and I was so much insecure about smiling & laughing in an open crowd.....He comforted me and said that he would try his best....The fixed orthodontic treatment lasted for about 2 years and now 4 years later the retainer treatment is going on. I am so thankful to him as now I can smile and laugh with my perfectly arranged teeth... There wont be any way to repay you sir for what that magical change that you brought into my life..... Will always be grateful to you

Positive Psychologist, Author, Health journalist - Malayala Manorama

Santhosh Sisupal

One of my friend dentist was referring me to Dr Prasanth for my daughter’s Orthodontic treatment. Her teeth was order less and some complication in gum. Those were affects the shape and charm of her face.
Now treatments are completed. Everything looks wonderful.
The quality of treatment and the experience with clinic was superb. Expertise of doctor is amazing. That’s why, I would like to recommend Dr.Prasanth and his clinics for your dental treatments.

3rd yr MBBS Student, Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum

Anjana V S

I am very glad to meet Dr.Prasanth and getting his treatment. My teeth were out of alignment since childhood. 1 year back I came to meet Dr.Prasanth's clinic. I had a very pleasant experience with this clinic. Actually I had consulted another clinic but I am not satisfiable there. But here, I was very happy since the early stage. The result was totally satisfiable for me. Quality of treatment and experience with clinic were superb. Also, treatment is very affordable for everyone. Now I start using clear aligners and I strongly believe in getting better results. I am really happy that I consulted him and I will recommend him to anyone for any dental treatment.

MBA Student, Amrita School of Business, Bangalore

Dr Ananthakrishnan M Rejith

I was always self-conscious about the gaps between my front tooth, which made the front tooth project outwards. I had consulted many dentists before regarding this but was not confident in their treatment. My father’s friend recommended Dr. Prasanth to me and upon consulting him, he gave me a proper understanding of my issues. He listened to my concerns and explained all my treatment options clearly. He explained the treatments stage wise in a very easy way.
The treatment took 9 months and I'm thrilled with the results! All my kin and kith appreciated the change in my face after the treatment. I would confidently recommend Dr Prasanth to anyone for their dental problems as he is one of the best dental surgeons ever known to me.
Thank you Dr Prasanth and Smile D’zign.


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